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Soul Alignment with Dina Visram

Feb 21, 2019

In this episode talk about the spiritual gift of Clairsentience. Clairsentience is also known as “clear knowing” or “clear feeling”. I discuss some signs that can easily tell you if you are a clairsentient and if that is your primary spiritual gift. For example, if you walk in a room after an argument, that you never witnessed, and you just know that something was not right. Or how about the fact that you can be super sensitive to your environment like clutter and chemicals? I also talk about why strengthening this gift will help you manifest with ease and flow.


  • What is Clairsentience?
  • Signs that you are a Clairsentient
  • How mastering this gift helps you in other areas of your life
  • A powerful clairsentience strengthening exercise
  • How this exercise assists you in using this gift to answer life’s important questions with your Guides and Angels

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